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High School Administration

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Sr. Anna Mae Collins,CSJ Principal amcollins@syrdiocese.org 12
Mr. Roy Kane Associate Principal rkane@syrdiocese.org 22
Mr. Ken McCoy Chief Financial Officer kmccoy@syrdiocese.org 25
Mr. James Jones Director of Admissions jjones@syrdiocese.org 26
Ms. Kari Puleo Director of Development & Marketing kpuleo@syrdiocese.org 35
Mrs. Dyann Nashton Associate Director of Development dnashton@syrdiocese.org 17
Mr. Jake DerCola Athletic Director jdercola@syrdiocese.org 14
Mrs. Dyanna Gardinier Cafeteria Manager dgardinier@syrdiocese.org 16

High School Teachers Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Lt. Terry LaBeff NJROTC tlabeff@syrdiocese.org 15
Mrs. Lorraine Ciaccia Resource Services/Special Ed lciaccia@syrdiocese.org 21
Mr. Raymond Cooney MVCC Math rcooney@syrdiocese.org
Dr. Ryan T. Cooney Science rtcooney@syrdiocese.org 50
Ms. Erin Crowley Math ecrowley@syrdiocese.org 57
Ms. Bridget Curley Spanish bcurley@syrdiocese.org 37
Mrs. Loren Dachary Resource Services/Special Ed ldachary@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Deborah Danquer Library/Media Center ddanquer@syrdiocese.org 20
Mr. John DePerno Social Studies jdeperno@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Valerie Elacqua Music, Resource Services velacqua@syrdiocese.org 23
Mrs. Elizabeth Evans Music, Band eevans@syrdio.org 56
Mrs. Catlin Fenton Drama cfenton@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Lillian Gazitano-Carro French lgazitanocarro@syrdiocese.org
Mr. Paul Hanley Scripture phanley@syrdiocese.org 42
Mr. Rick Hensel English rhensel@syrdio.org
Chief Brian Jaynes NJROTC bjaynes@syrdiocese.org 15
Mr. Brian Kenyon Global Studies bkenyon@syrdiocese.org 53
Ms. Maria Madden Spanish mmadden@syrdiocese.org 39
Ms. Brandy Miller English bmillernd@syrdiocese.org 36
Mrs. Millie Mish AIS/ELA mmish@syrdiocese.org
Mr. Kevin Morrisroe Math kmorrisroe@syrdiocese.org 49
Mr. Richard Mucurio STEM/Math rmucurio@syrdiocese.org 47
Mrs. Carla Nemecek Religion/ Campus Ministry cnemecek@syrdiocese.org 54
Ms. Keaton Perry ESL kperry@syrdiocese.org
Mr. Ryan Poore Social Studies rpoore@syrdiocese.org 48
Mr. Terry Stanimer Business tstanimer@syrdiocese.org 56
Mrs. Deborah Sweeney AIS/Math dsweeney@syrdiocese.org
Ms. Denise Tan Art dtan@syrcdiocese.org 19
Ms. Olivia Tooley Physical Education otooley@syrdiocese.org 30
Mrs. Christine Tylutki U.S. History ctylutki@syrdiocese.org 44
Mrs. Tanya Vaillancourt Earth Science tvaillancourt@syrdiocese.org 55
Mrs. Claire VanWaes English cvwaes@syrdiocese.org 33
Ms. Deborah White Math dwhite@syrdiocese.org 32
Mr. Michael Zasa Morality mzasa@syrdiocese.org 40

High School Guidance Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Mrs. Laurie Cardone Secretary lcardone@syrdiocese.org 11
Ms. Christy Dibrango Counselor cdibrango@syrdiocese.org 28
Mrs. Kathy Grenier Counselor kgrenier@syrdiocese.org 27

High School Support Staff Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Ms. Regina Brown Support Services rbrown@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Carol Centra School Secretary ccentra@syrdiocese.org 13
Mrs. Pat Debbold School Secretary pdebbold@syrdiocese.org 0
Sr. Paula Gallant Support Services pgallant@syrdiocese.org
Sr. Helen Getrude Carroll Support Services hcarroll@syrdiocese.org
Sr. Jacqueline Johnas Support Services jjohnas@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Jill Ludemann Tuition Officer jludemann@syrdiocese.org 34
Mr. John Major Director of Maintenance jmajor@syrdiocese.org 18
Ms. Barbara McDonough Coordinator for Scheduling/Testing bmcdonough@syrdiocese.org 34
Mrs. Lorna Perry Alumni/Development Administrative Assistant lperry@syrdiocese.org 13
Mrs. Kathleen Quigley Financial Secretary kquigley@syrdiocese.org 29
Mr. Lester Reese Maintenance Staff N/A
Mrs. Diane Schrantz Cafeteria Staff N/A
Mr. Jose Torres Maintenance Staff N/A
Br. Leonard Wojtanowski CFX St. Francis deSales Coordinator lwojtanowski@syrdiocese.org 26
Mrs. Deborah Wurz School Nurse dwurz@syrdiocese.org 24

Elementary School Administration Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title
Mrs. Mary Rossi Principal
Mrs. Carol Polito Assistant Principal

Elementary School Teachers Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Classroom
Ms. Karen Broadhurst Resource Teacher kbroadhurst@syrdiocese.org
Ms. Maryanne Buck Second Grade Teacher mbuck@syrdiocese.org A
Mrs. Nicolette Burgess Fourth Grade Teacher nburgess@syrdiocese.org B
Miss Kristina Bushey Universal Pre-K Teacher A kbushey@syrdiocese.org UPK B
Mrs. Camille Caulkins Special Needs Coordinator ccaulkins@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Marilyn Davis Curriculum Coordinator mdavis@syrdiocese.org
Ms. Deb Delaney Art Teacher ddelaney@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Carol Docherty Technology Teacher cdocherty@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Beth Evans Instrumental Teacher Grades 4-6 eevans@syrdio.org
Mrs. Janis Farley Montessori Pre-K Teacher jfarley@syrdiocese.org A
Mrs. Andrea Graves Kindergarten Teacher agraves@syrdiocese.org B
Mrs. Holly Gros Kindergarten Teacher hgros@syrdiocese.org A
Mrs. Mary Heintz-Farda First Grade Teacher mheintz@syrdiocese.org A
Mrs. Suzann Holden First Grade Teacher sholden@syrdiocese.org B
Mrs. Laureen Howard Third Grade Teacher lhoward@syrdiocese.org B
Miss Alexandra Indolfi Fifth Grade Teacher aindolfi@syrdiocese.org B
Ms. Courtney Johnson Fifth Grade Teacher cjohnson@syrdiocese,org A
Ms. Mary Kemp Universal Pre-K Teacher mkemp@syrdiocese.org UPK A
Mr. Bryan Koscinski Physical Education Teacher bkoscinski@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Maresa Kutas Montessori Pre-K Teacher mkutas@syrdiocese.org B
Mrs. Angeline Lubey Kindergarten Teacher alubey@syrdiocese.org B
Mr. Matthew Murphy Music Teacher
Ms. Sondra Nassar Librarian snassar@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Karen Parzych Third Grade Teacher kparzych@syrdiocese.org A
Mrs. Kathy Scarafile Sixth Grade Teacher kscarafile@syrdiocese.org A
Ms. Cindy Sigbieny Universal Pre-K Teacher csigbieny@syrdiocese.org UPK C/D
Mrs. Justine Testa Fourth Grade Teacher jtesta@syrdiocese.org A
Mrs. Maria Tribin Spanish Teacher mtribin@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Bernadette Verna Remedial Reading/Writing Teacher bverna@syrdiocese.org
Ms. Barbara Wojcik Remedial Math Teacher/STEM Coordinator bwojcik@syrdiocese.org

Elementary School Support Staff Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone Classroom
Mrs. Dana Barry Universal Pre-K Aide B
Mrs. Kylene Bougourd Universal Pre-K Teacher Aide
Mr. Howard Canfield Maintenance
Mrs. Lucia Caroli Cafeteria
Mrs. Colleen DeStefano Universal Pre-K Aide A
Mrs. LouAnn Fiore Universal Pre-K Teacher Aide
Mr. Steven Forte Maintenance
Mrs. Cindy Forte Bookkeeper
Mrs. Patricia Grande School Nurse
Mrs. Wendy Hadynski Montessori Pre-K Aide A
Mrs. Tara Holt Universal Pre-K Teacher Aide
Mrs. Carolyn Kearney Universal Pre-K Teacher Aide
Mrs. Carolyn Kearney Universal Pre-K Aide C/D
Ms. Martha Kissel Universal Pre-K Aide A
Mrs. Diane LaPolla Remedial AIS
Mrs. Jill Ludemann Tuition Officer jludemann@syrdiocese.org 34
Mr. Mike MacDonald Maintenance
Mrs. Vickie Maio Administrative Assistant vmaio@syrdiocese.org
Mrs. Lauren Mower PT
Mrs. Dianne Perry Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Bridget Wenner Aftercare Director