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High School Administration

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Mr. Roy Kane Executive Principal rkane@notredameutica.org 12
Sr. Jacqueline Johnas Assistant Principal jjohnas@notredameutica.org
Ms. Kari Puleo Director of Institutional Advancement kpuleo@notredameutica.org 35
Mrs. Dyanna Gardinier Cafeteria Administrator dgardinier@notredameutica.org 16
Mrs. Gina Surace Controller gsurace@notredameutica.org 25
Ms. Olivia Tooley Athletic Director otooley@notredameutica.org 18
Mrs. Kayla Hartman Director of Development khartman@syrdiocese.org 17

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Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Mrs. Doreen Arnold Science darnold@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Lorraine Ciaccia Resource Services/Special Ed lciaccia@notredameutica.org 21
Dr. Ryan T. Cooney Science rtcooney@notredameutica.org 50
Mr. Raymond Cooney MVCC Math rcooney@notredameutica.org
Ms. Erin Crowley Math ecrowley@notredameutica.org 57
Ms. Bridget Curley Spanish bcurley@notredameutica.org 37
Mr. John DePerno Social Studies/Business jdeperno@notredameutica.org
Mr. Ryan Ehlinger Spanish rehlinger@notredameutica.org 39
Mrs. Valerie Elacqua Music, Resource Services velacqua@notredameutica.org 23
Mrs. Elizabeth Evans Music, Band eevans@notredameutica.org 56
Mrs. Dyanna Gardinier Library Media Specialist dgardinier@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Lillian Gazitano-Carro French lgazitanocarro@notredameutica.org
Mr. Rick Hensel English rhensel@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Danea Hurd Math dhurd@syrdiocese.org
Chief Brian Jaynes Naval Science bjaynes@notredameutica.org 15
Mr. Brian Kenyon Global Studies bkenyon@notredameutica.org 53
Lt. Terry LaBeff Naval Science tlabeff@notredameutica.org 15
Ms. Brandy Miller English bmillernd@notredameutica.org 36
Mrs. Millie Mish AIS/ELA mmish@notredameutica.org
Mr. Kevin Morrisroe Religion kmorrisroe@notredameutica.org 49
Mr. Martin Nemecek Physical Education, Health mnemecek@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Carla Nemecek Religion/ Campus Ministry cnemecek@notredameutica.org 54
Mrs. Tricia Norton AIS Staff tnorton@notredameutica.org
Mr. Ryan Poore Social Studies rpoore@notredameutica.org 48
Mrs. Brooke Provenzano English bprovenzano@notredameutica.org
Mr. Dwight Putnam Science dputnam@notredameutica.org
Ms. Denise Tan Art dtan@notredameutica.org 19
Ms. Sharece Toner Science, Math stoner@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Christine Tylutki History ctylutki@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Tanya Vaillancourt Earth Science tvaillancourt@notredameutica.org 55
Mrs. Claire VanWaes English cvwaes@notredameutica.org 33
Mr. Alek Vernold ESL avernold@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Denise Robinson Math drobinson@notredameutica.org 32
Mr. Michael Zasa Morality mzasa@notredameutica.org 40

High School Guidance Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Mrs. Laurie Cardone Secretary lcardone@notredameutica.org 11
Miss Erika Kistowski Counselor ekistowski@notredameutica.org 28
Mr. Kyle Mosack Mental Health Counselor kmosack@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Emily Swancott Counselor eswancott@notredameutica.org 27

High School Support Staff Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Mr. Timothy Brown Maintenance tbrown@notredameutica.org
Mr. Lucas Carrier Maintenance lcarrier@notredameutica.org
Sister Anna Mae Collins, CSJ Support Staff amcollins@notredameutica.org 13
Mr. Matthew Coria Maintenance mcoria@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Pat Debbold School Secretary pdebbold@notredameutica.org 0
Sr. Paula Gallant Support Services pgallant@notredameutica.org
Mr. Gene Leuhauser Cafeteria gleuthauser@notredameutica.org
Mr. John Major Director of Maintenance jmajor@notredameutica.org 18
Mr. Robert McQueen Long-Term Substitute Teacher rmcqueen@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Lorna Perry Alumni/Development Administrative Assistant lperry@notredameutica.org 13
Mrs. Kathleen Quigley Financial Secretary kquigley@notredameutica.org 29
Mr. Arthur Rapp Cafeteria arapp@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Carmelita Raymer Tuition Management craymer@notredameutica.org 14
Mrs. Diane Schrantz Cafeteria Staff dschrantz@notredameutica.org
Br. Leonard Wojtanowski CFX St. Francis deSales Coordinator lwojtanowski@notredameutica.org 26
Ms. Roseanne Wood Cafeteria Staff rwood@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Deborah Wurz School Nurse dwurz@notredameutica.org 24

Elementary School Administration Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Mrs. Mary Rossi Principal mrossi@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Carol Polito Assistant Principal cpolito@notredameutica.org
Ms. Kari Puleo Director of Institutional Advancement kpuleo@notredameutica.org 35
Mrs. Gina Surace Controller gsurace@notredameutica.org 25

Elementary School Teachers Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Classroom
Ms. Patricia Bliss Universal Pre-K Teacher blissp@notredameutica.org UPK C/D
Mrs. Mary Carville Second Grade Teacher mcarville@notredameutica.org A
Mrs. Kathryn Dekker Kindergarten Teacher kdekker@notredameutica.org B
Ms. Deb Delaney Art Teacher ddelaney@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Carol Docherty Technology Teacher cdocherty@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Beth Evans Instrumental Teacher Grades 4-6 eevans@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Janis Farley Montessori Pre-K Teacher jfarley@notredameutica.org A
Mrs. Alexandra Giglio Sixth Grade Teacher aindolfi@notredameutica.org B
Mrs. Andrea Graves Second Grade Teacher agraves@notredameutica.org B
Mrs. Holly Gros Kindergarten Teacher hgros@notredameutica.org A
Mr. Cory Haggerty Physical Education Teacher chaggerty@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Mary Heintz-Farda First Grade Teacher mheintz@notredameutica.org A
Mrs. Suzann Holden First Grade Teacher sholden@notredameutica.org B
Mrs. Laureen Howard Third Grade Teacher and Special Needs Coordinator lhoward@notredameutica.org B
Ms. Courtney Johnson Fifth Grade Teacher cojohnson@notredameutica.org A
Ms. Mary Kemp Universal Pre-K Teacher mkemp@notredameutica.org UPK A
Ms. Martha Kissel Montessori B Teacher mkissel@notredameutica.org B
Mrs. Kristina Lentricchia Universal Pre-K Teacher kbushey@notredameutica.org UPK B
Mrs. Angeline Lubey Fourth Grade Teacher alubey@notredameutica.org B
Mr. Matthew Murphy Music Teacher msmurphy@notredameutica.org
Ms. Sondra Nassar Librarian snassar@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Karen Parzych Third Grade Teacher kparzych@notredameutica.org A
Mrs. Kathy Scarafile Sixth Grade Teacher kscarafile@notredameutica.org A
Ms. Chelsea Testa Fifth Grade Teacher ctesta@notredameutica.org B
Mrs. Justine Testa Fourth Grade Teacher jtesta@notredameutica.org A
Mrs. Bernadette Verna Remedial Reading/Writing Teacher bverna@notredameutica.org
Ms. Barbara Wojcik Remedial Math Teacher/STEM Coordinator bwojcik@notredameutica.org

Elementary School Support Staff Return to Top

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone Classroom
Mrs. Dana Barry Universal Pre-K Aide B
Mr. Howard Canfield Maintenance
Mrs. Kathryn Colucci Recess Monitor A
Mrs. Colleen DeStefano Universal Pre-K Aide A
Mr. Steven Forte Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Cindy Forte Bookkeeper
Mrs.Samatha Ivey Montessori Pre-K Teacher Aide B
Mrs. Carolyn Kearney Montessori Pre-K Teacher Aide A
Mr. Mike MacDonald Maintenance
Mrs. Vickie Maio Administrative Assistant vmaio@notredameutica.org
Mrs. Joanne Montrose Recess Monitor B
Mr. James Owens Maintenance
Mrs. Melissa Perkins Cafeteria
Mrs. Carmelita Raymer Tuition Management craymer@notredameutica.org 14
Mrs. Cindy Riggles Cafeteria
Mrs. Kristin Scanlon Universal Pre-K Teacher Aide C/D
Mrs. Bridget Wenner Aftercare Director