Shadow Day

How can I be sure if Notre Dame is the right school for my child?

We encourage you to have your child come to spend a day at Notre Dame. These visitation days are set up during the school year to give your son or daughter a view of a regular school day. Your child will participate in classes during a normal school day. They will observe Notre Dame in action, have lunch, and have a chance to experience life at Notre Dame.

To arrange a visitation day, parents should first obtain permission from your child’s present school. Parents should then call the Admissions Office at 315-749-7060 to set up a visitation day.

On the day of the visit, students are asked to:

  • Arrive at the main office between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m.
  • For boys, wear dress slacks, a shirt with collar, shoes and socks, and preferably a tie and/or sweater. For girls, wear a dress, or skirt/slacks with a shirt with a collar, a sweater or cardigan, if appropriate, and dress shoes.   Dresses and skirts must be at least knee length.  Jeans and/or sneakers are not allowed.
  • Bring gym clothes (sneakers, t-shirt, shorts, and athletic socks).
  • Arrange to be picked up at 1:55pm.

Lunch is provided with the compliments of the school. If you have any questions regarding admission to Notre Dame, please contact Jim Jones, Director of Admissions, at 315-749-7060.