Spirit Week

09/30/2019 to 10/04/2019

 An opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their enthusiasm and support of all things Notre Dame.  Our committee has developed a robust week of events and activities, all culminating on Friday evening with our Homecoming Football game vs Little Falls at 7:00 and the introduction of the Homecoming King, Queen, and court.

We have hallways and various areas of the school being decorated, posters being made, and a number of activities planned.  Additionally, the week will be underscored by one of Notre Dame’s basic tenants:  Giving.  A number of charity events have been scheduled throughout the week.  While it may be easy to find ourselves wrapped in the enthusiasm of sport, we must always remember that the common thread of compassion and giving is woven into all we do.  We invite everyone to join us in this traditional celebration of school Spirit!!!

The week’s events:

*Coin Challenge will go on throughout the week.  Students will donate pocket change each day to be collected at the end of the week and used to purchase items for donation to one of our many community agencies/organizations.

Monday, Sept 30

  • Charity Event:  Book Drive
  • Mathlete vs Athlete
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Pep Rally, pt. I
  • Parade at Football Field (Car Decorating event)
  • Powderpuff Football game at 6:00 p.m.


Tuesday, October 1

  • Tune Tuesday
  • Country vs Rock
  • Karaoke


Wednesday, October 2

  • Charity Event:  Blanket Drive
  • Pajama Day
  • Cartoons


Thursday, October 3

  • Charity Event:  Toiletry Drive
  • #TBT Trivia


Friday, October 4

  • Color Wars (Each grade represented by a color and will compete in a number of activities throughout the week and events of Friday.  Color Code: 7th = Pink, 8th = Yellow, 9th = Orange, 10th = Green, 11th = Black, and 12th = Red, White, and Blue)
  • Pep Rally, Pt II  (1:15 p.m. Michael Walsh Gymnasium)
  • *Hosting our 6th graders
  • Homecoming Court Announcement and celebration
  • Homecoming Football Game vs Little Falls at 7:00 p.m.
  • Homecoming Court introduction at Half-time