The time has come to preserve and enhance our schools and ensure the opportunity for a Catholic school education for all children, now and in the future. The Making Our Kids World Ready campaign was designed to address several of the school’s immediate, strategic priorities: the funding and construction of a new multipurpose building for the enhancement of our growing academic, arts, and athletic programming and the establishment of an endowment ensuring the future quality and accessibility of a Catholic education at Notre Dame.

The next generation of students need resources and facilities that will continue to build Notre Dame’s legacy of excellence and promise to graduate young men and women who will be transformative leaders. To fulfill that promise, we are embarking on a comprehensive campaign to provide students with a premier 21st century, college-preparatory academic experience. These projects will specifically achieve the following results:

#1 Expand and Improve our Facilities

The educational excellence provided at Notre Dame has led to increases in enrollment and this trajectory will continue. As a result of our success, we need to expand our music, arts and athletic programs. The Making Our Kids World Ready Campaign will fund a multipurpose auditorium/gymnasium and music facility. This stunning new addition to Notre Dame will gracefully complement the architecture of the existing building and provide 14,000 square feet of ideal educational program space for theater, music, recreation and athletics. It will also serve the greater Utica community providing a versatile public meeting and assembly venue. The iconic and expansive floor to ceiling front glass façade will provide abundant natural light for all users, reveal a variety of activities occurring inside, and shine brilliantly as a beacon of light on campus. This new addition is a hallmark of the transformative vision for the future of Notre Dame.

Future plans for Notre Dame’s Campus for Catholic Education include:

  • Moving the Elementary School to the main campus on Burrstone Road. This will occur in Phase II of the campaign.
  • The identified needs of maintenance and repair of the current elementary and Jr/Sr high school facilities will be addressed through the normal course of capital improvements.

#2 Establish an Endowment

The endowment will provide assurance that students from all economic backgrounds have the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the Notre Dame experience.  It will also help to provide resources to the growing number of families we serve as we:

  • Continue to expand and enrich our schools programs 
  • Build on community and college partnerships
  • Provide long-term financial viability 
  • Expand our global profile

Each year, Notre Dame is fortunate to attract a large number of applicants who want to fulfill their dreams with us; yet every year economic realities are making it harder and harder for families to help their sons and daughters reach their highest potential.  In ever increasing numbers, wonderful students - thrilled with Notre Dame and succeeding in their classes - are experiencing financial problems that seem insurmountable.

As a close-knit community, we look for ways to help these students, thus the creation of an endowed scholarship fund.  Our goal is to create a $4 million endowed fund that will allow us to grant $200,000 each year - over and above our yearly scholarship grants - to students who find themselves in financial difficulty. These students and others like them deserve our support!


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