1. Why Is Notre Dame Embarking On A Major Capital Campaign?

The Making Our Kids World Ready campaign will secure funding to renovate/expand and build for our school’s future, as well as create an endowment allowing Notre Dame the ability to become a sustainable, independent Catholic school system. Facility improvements and building additions are critical components in our mission and will provide access for more students. With this initiative, we can sustain and enhance quality Catholic education for all students now and even more in the future.

2. Is The Diocese Fully Supportive Of Catholic Education In The Eastern Region?

Notre Dame is decentralized from the Diocese of Syracuse. The joint effort of the Diocese and local communities have reinvented the way Catholic schools operate. A transition committee began discussing the business model with the Diocese several years ago and drafted a Statement of Strategic Vision in 2011. It articulated core values of the committee to create vision for the restructured schools and outlined strategic goals, governing principles and identified critical challenges.

In February 2012, Bishop Robert J. Cunningham said, “The Notre Dame Schools are an essential part of the plan for the future of the Diocese of Syracuse and represent the keystone of Catholic education in the eastern region of our Diocese.”

In June 2013, the Diocese signed a 99-year lease for $1; gave us a subsidy averaging $850,000/year for the next 5 years; and is forgiving $2.1 million in debt by a reduction of $1 for every $2 raised, after the first $1 million is raised. Our debt today has been reduced to only $500,000. When $5.2 million is raised, Notre Dame will have zero debt.

We have the full and unshakeable support of the Diocese.

3. Will Notre Dame Be Able To Increase Enrollment And Ultimately Achieve Financial Independence?

We are continually committed to growing the enrollment footprint at Notre Dame. We have been able to continue those efforts through sound enrollment management tactics, which include activities such as: student shadow days, family tours, and concierge-style follow up. We are also engaged in enrollment management strategies, such as our international program, that will continue to grow our institution.

We have grown enrollment 6.5% year over year, above our 4% annual growth target, and will continue to grow to 859 students (19%) by FY 2018. Additionally, we have a waiting list at our elementary school. With the help of this campaign, Notre Dame will be financially independent by 2020.

4. How will you ensure that the $8 Million Capital Campaign Is Successful And Completed In A Timely Fashion?

Notre Dame has already raised over $4 million to date and we have consistently met our benchmarks (early) for each year of the campaign. The Making Our Kids World Ready campaign will be a success and we expect to break ground in the Spring 2016.

5. How Did Notre Dame Settle On A Campaign Goal Of $8 Million?

Our recent experience and the results of our feasibility study tell us that our local community is prepared to support a project of this magnitude. The current project was redesigned in order to provide greater efficiency and cost savings to keep our project cost near the $8 million dollar mark, $4 million will be used to construct a multipurpose auditorium/gymnasium and $4 million will be used to establish the endowment.

6. When Will Construction Begin?

Plans are being made for construction of the multipurpose building to begin in the Spring 2016.

7. Who Will Be Asked To Support The Making Our Kids World Ready Campaign?

All members of the Notre Dame family, alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, friends, faculty, staff, school board members and local parishioners.

8. What Will Happen To Notre Dame Elementary School?

Notre Dame Elementary, located across the street from Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, will currently remain in that location. The comprehensive marketing study conducted by Zogby Analytics, points to the establishment of a meaningful endowment as a top strategic priority to sustain enrollment at Notre Dame Schools. We expect a move of the elementary school to the ND Campus to be included in Phase II of the Campaign.

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