Business Department

Business Management 740 1 Semester 0.5 unit OTG 9 - 12

The intent of this course is to inform you of your various financial responsibilities and to provide you with the knowledge to prepare you for the future. Topics covered include savings, investing, investment alternatives, investment risks and how to invest wisely. You will learn about health insurance; who needs it, why, how it works and types available. You will explore wise buying practices and understanding your rights and your responsibilities as a consumer that protect you.

Personal Finance 743 1 Semester 0.5 unit OTG 9 - 12

This course will focus on the student's role as a consumer and active member of society. You will better understand your own wants, needs, values and how these affect personal financial decisions. Understanding the concepts presented will help your financial future and make you a more effective consumer. Topics covered will include career development, money management and personal decision making in regards to major purchases, family decisions, goals and dealing with life's uncertainties; divorce, death, retirement planning.

Business Law 741 1 Semester 0.5 unit OTG 11, 12

The emphasis of this course is on the individual encountering business law in his personal, family, and occupational situations, Topics covered include: court procedure, contract law, buying and selling goods, bailment, insurance, wills and inheritance partnerships, and corporations, and real estate.

Marketing 742 1 Semester 0.5 unit OTG 11, 12

This course will allow the students to study content related to the ownership/operation of business and the skills of selling, advertising, and market research. The course provides students with skills, which combined with other business skills, can prepare the student for entry level employment in a variety of career clusters within marketing and management.