Fine Arts Department

Music 7 801 Full Year

Students will write, speak, create, analyze and perform music through a basic knowledge of musical concepts and terminology. Class activities include listening and responding to a variety of music genres through individual and group projects. Students will increase their understanding of how music connects to other disciplines and its relationship to history and culture.

Chorus 802 Full Year 1 unit

This course will engage students to participate in a performing musical group. Students will learn basic vocal techniques and acquire fundamental skills in music theory, sight singing, and ear training. Dedication and commitment is necessary to develop a high standard of performance and poise. Band 899 Full Year 1 unit Students will work in lessons and in band towards the goal of outstanding performance. Students will establish correct instrumental techniques and strengthen critical listening skills as performers. Musicianship will be developed through good intonation, balance, blend, tone, appropriate style, and quality repertoire.

Art 8 803 Full Year

Students will use problem-solving skills to produce projects that explore the concepts of space and structure, movement, and color and light. The introduction of art history through the study of multi-cultural artists will take place using various media. Students will be exposed to images, motifs, symbols, themes: they will identify disciplines in art, such as architecture, design, painting, sculpture, etc.

Studio Art 800 Full year 1 unit OTG 9

Students will learn the fundamental uses of elements of art and principles of design and will study art movements. The course will include an exposure to a variety of drawing and design exercises in various media. Multi-cultural art projects will also be assigned.

Drawing/Painting 820 Full Year 1 unit OTG 10, 11, 12

This course introduces students to a wide variety of experiences in drawing and painting media. They will review elements of art and principles of design through different materials and techniques. Art history lessons will be incorporated into the curriculum.

Art Portfolio 863 Full Year 1 unit OTG 11,12

Students will continue to explore a variety of media and techniques while having more freedom to explore and create projects. Discussion about composition, portfolio preparation, art career exploration, and art schools and colleges will take place, if student is interested in post-secondary study in art and/or requires a portfolio for admission to college.

PREREQUISITE: Drawing/Painting

Portfolio Development 865 Full Year 1 unit OTG 12

For serious art students in grades 11 and 12 who are interested in creating a portfolio for submission to a college/art school. Portfolio can be tailored to the specifications of a school's portfolio requirements. PREREQUISITE: Drawing/Painting and Art Portfolio