Math Department

CALCULATORS: Notre Dame High School supports the New York State Education Department Policy regarding the use of Graphing Calculators in Mathematics: “The graphing calculator should be used for all types of classroom activities and homework as an integral part of the three Regents-approved commencement level mathematics courses, Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra3/Trigonometry. A graphing calculator must be made available for use by each student while taking the corresponding Regents Examination.” To this end, the Notre Dame Math Department recommends the purchase of Texas Instruments model TI- 83+ graphing calculator as this is the model that will be used for instruction in class. As New York State implements Core Curriculum Standards, content of Notre Dame math courses will reflect this change.

Math 7 402 Full Year

Math 7 will cover mathematical strategies to improve students' problem solving skills. Topics covered include an introduction to number concepts (order of operations, number properties), Algebra (using equations, variables), Geometry (reading x, y coordinates, area of figures, geometric constructions) Probability and Statistics (mean, median, mode), Ratio, Proportion, and Percent. Students will take the New York State Common Core Math Test for Grade 7.

Pre-Algebra 8 403 Full Year

This course serves two purposes: 1) to prepare students to successfully take the New York State Common Core 8th grade Math Assessment and 2) to give students the foundation needed to succeed in the high school math curriculum. Topics covered include operations on integers and rational numbers, ratios and proportions and percents, variables, solving equations and inequalities, applying algebraic principals to simple geometric and trigonometric problems.

Algebra 1 CC 410 Full Year 1 unit

This course is the first of three in New York State's new Common Core Math courses. Topics covered include: the real number system, quantities, seeing structure in expressions, arithmetic with polynomials and rational expressions, creating equations, reasoning with equations and inequalities, interpreting functions, building functions, linear/quadratic/exponential models, and interpreting categorical and quantitative data. Successful completion of this course and June NYS CCLS mathematics Regents exam is required for graduation.

Algebra A CC 414 Full Year 1 Unit

This course is designed for the student who requires two years to cover the material for the required entry-level Common Core Regents math course. The first half of the CCLS Regents curriculum will be covered.

Algebra B CC 424 Full Year 1 Unit

This course covers the second half of the required entry-level Algebra 1 (Common Core) Regents math course. Successful completion of this course and June NYS CCLS mathematics Regents exam is required for graduation.

Geometry Regents CC 420 Full Year 1 unit

Uses Common Core Mathematical Practices: 1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 2. Reasons abstractly and quantitatively. 3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 4. Model with mathematics. 5. Use appropriate tools strategically. 6. Attend to precision. 7. Look for and make use of structure. 8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. Practices applied to concepts of: congruence, similarity, transformations, proof, right triangles, trigonometry, circles, expressing geometric properties with equations, geometric measurement and dimension, and geometric modeling. All students are required to take the New York State Common Core Geometry Regents.

Geometry 421 Full Year 1 unit

This course will introduce students to geometric and trigonometric concepts that are included on standardized exams and college placement tests. Emphasis will be on conceptual understanding and reasoning while the formal rigorous proofs of the regents’ curriculum will be de-emphasized.

Algebra 2 CC 430 Full Year 1 unit

New Common Core aligned course will continue to develop Common Core Mathematical Practices as applied to polynomial, rational and radical relationships; trigonometric functions; modeling using functions; and inferences and conclusions from data.

Pre-Calculus 440 Full Year 1 unit

Major emphasis is on the examination of number systems of elementary math and the study of elementary functions. Topics covered include: real and complex number systems, vectors, polar coordinates and graphing, the derivative and quadratics.

College Prep Math 441 Full Year 1 unit

First semester review of math topics covered in MVCC MA 090 in preparation for college placement math test, which students will take at the end of the first semester. Those who qualify will take MVCC MA 110 the second semester for both high school and college credit. Students must earn an C to get college credit.

MVCC Intermediate Math/Statistics 443 Full Year 1 unit OTG 12

This course is designed for a student completing the three course Regents sequence in math who is not likely to need to take Calculus at the college level but will need Statistics for their major. In semester one: exponents, radicals, polynomial expressions, functions/relations and their graphs, inequalities, and systems of linear equations will be covered. In semester two: graphs/tables, frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, standard normal distribution, correlation, regression, probability, and inferential statistics will be covered. Students must pass MVCC placement test to enroll. To receive MVCC credit requires a C average and passing grade on MVCC final exam.

AP Calculus 445 Full Year 1 unit OTG 12

This course is equivalent to a basic college freshman course in Calculus. It is required that all students enrolled in this course take the national AP Calculus Exam in May that may result in college credit dependent upon the college’s policy and a student's score. There is a fee for the AP exam.