Naval Science Department

Naval Science Department

Naval Science 1 691 Full Year 1 unit OTG 10, 11

Purpose: To introduce students to the meaning of citizenship, the elements of leadership and the value of scholarship in attaining life goals; promote an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including physical fitness, a proper diet and controlling stress; drug awareness; provide the principles of health and first aid, geography, survival skills and an overview of Naval ships and aircraft. These elements are pursued at the fundamental level.

Naval Science 2 692 Full Year 1 unit OTG 11,12

Purpose: To build on the general introduction provided in Naval Science 1, to further develop the traits of citizenship and leadership and to introduce cadets to the technical areas of naval science and the role of the U.S. Navy in maritime history and the vital importance of the world's oceans to the continued well-being of the United States.

PREREQUISITE: Naval Science 1

Naval Science 3 693 Full Year 1 unit OTG 12

Purpose: To broaden the understanding of students in the operative principles of military leadership, the concept and significance of teamwork, the intrinsic value of good order and discipline in the accomplishment of objectives. They will learn the importance of sea power and national security. Students gain a more in-depth knowledge of Naval ships and aircraft while getting an introduction to marine navigation and seamanship. PREREQUISITE: Naval Science 1 & 2.