Religion Department


1. Any failed Religion course must be repeated during the summer as an independent study course.

2. All freshmen must choose course 110...all sophomores must choose course 120...all juniors must choose course 130...all seniors must choose course 140.

3. All students are required to take a Religion Course each year.

4. Each week all religion classes read and reflect on the upcoming Sunday readings.

Religion 7 101 Full Year

This course is required of all 7th grade students. The curriculum looks at a variety of different topics to introduce the student to the manner in which Jesus Christ affects our daily life. The course work includes units on personal growth and development; respect for life and catholic Christian sexuality; responsibility to others; the identity and mission of Jesus; the role of the Christian community; and our call to discipleship.

Religion 8 102 Full Year

This course is required of all 8th grade students. The curriculum treats many of the topics from seventh grade in greater depth and detail, and also includes units concentrating on Catholic values; the challenge to grow in age, wisdom and grace; the history of the Catholic Church; the importance of prayer in the life of the individual and the Church; the mission of the Catholic Church to spread the gospel message throughout the world.

Religion 9 - Catholic Faith 110

This course is required of all freshmen. It is a course in Catholic Christianity with an emphasis on the sacramental life of the church. The course endeavors to help the student experience a personal relationship with Jesus through the sacraments. The topics presented cover faith, and faith formation, Catholic Tradition, Sacraments and Spirituality.

Religion 10 - Morality 120 

This course is required for all sophomores. The first semester covers moral decision-making as well as topics such as courage, honesty, respect for people, compassion, respect for creation, reverence for human life, and peacemaking. The second semester presents Catholic social teaching and how it is put into practice. Topics such as building community, celebrating unity amid diversity, working with dignity, breaking the cycle of poverty, and sharing God's Good News are presented and discussed.

Religion 11 – Scripture 130 

This course is required for all juniors. The course covers both the Old and the New Testament. Old Testament emphasis is on the laws, the prophets, and the sacred writings. New Testament emphasis is on the Gospel accounts of the infancy narratives, the parables, the miracles, and the passion/death/resurrection of Jesus.

Religion 12 - Theology 140 

This course is required of all seniors. The course explores the following topics: • who we are as individuals in our relationship with God • comparative world religions • the Church as a community of faith • Christian spirituality and prayer • the personal call to holiness • our vocation to make a difference in the world Campus

Ministry/Leadership 529 1 Semester 0.50 Unit OTG 10, 11, 12

In this course, the students will learn the meaning of teamwork through actual experience. The students will learn to use more effective styles of communication as they work with other students throughout the school. This course is intended to develop leadership skills through a better understanding of the characteristics of positive human relationships.