Scholarship Information

Information on the scholarships listed below are available in the Guidance Office.  Please note this will be continually updated as more scholarships arrive; the newly listed scholarships will appear at the top. Please check back frequently.

College Scholarships

These are the largest sources of scholarship money available to students.  Colleges will decide based on your GPA and/or SAT scores whether or not you qualify for a scholarship.  Many times this is done without a separate application, although there may be a separate application.  Check the college website for information and application procedures.


The GPO Federal Credit Union scholarship is now available for those that are a member of GPO Credit Union.  The deadline is January 13, 2020, and applications are in the Guidance Office.


Maude Foley Scholarship Fund

The object of the Maude Foley Scholarship is to financially assist deserving young men and women in acquiring a higher education with a view to becoming better prepared for life and citizenship. 

Amount of Scholarship:  This is a one-year scholarship of $1,000.00

Deadline:  January 15, 2020, and applications are in the Guidance Office.