Course Selection

All students need to take the following requirements as well as electives to satisfy a minimum course load of 6 Units per year.

1. Requirements for Seniors
Religion 12, Government or MVCC Government, Economics, English 12 or AP English, Physical Education or Naval Science, Health, if needed, and electives to total 6 units of study.

*Seniors are highly encouraged to enroll in a full schedule of classes to prepare them for the future. College-bound seniors are especially advised to take Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Language as well as electives in Social Studies or Business.

2. Requirements for Juniors:
Religion 11, U.S. History & Government or AP American History, English 11 or English 11 Honors, 1 Math Unit, 1 Science Unit, Health1, if needed, and Physical Education or Naval Science.

3. Requirements for Sophomores:
Religion 10, Global History & Geography 10, English 10, 1 Math Unit, 1 Science Unit, Health1, and Physical Education or Naval Science.

4. Requirements for Freshmen:
Religion 9, Global History & Geography 9, English 9, one Science, one Math, 1 Fine Arts Unit, Foreign Language or Career & Technology Education, and Physical Education.

Students may take the requirement Health course during grades 10, 11, or 12.

**BOCES students enrolled in two-year programs receive the third unit of credit in English, Math, and Science through BOCES.

NOTE: Any particular course will be offered provided that a sufficient number of requests are made. The school reserves the right to withdraw any course or section of a course, as well as to limit the number of students scheduled for a given course or section.

The final decision for course offerings and for the placement of students rests with the school.