Grade Weighting

Grade weighting has been determined as follows:

Religion, Fine Arts, Business, NJROTC, General Math, Science and Social Science Courses: 1.00

Upper Level Math and Science, New York State Regents and Regents Prep Courses: 1.02

Honor Courses: 1.03  

Dual Credit Courses: 1.05

Advanced Placement Courses: 1.10

On the student Report Card, the ACTUAL GRADE for each course will be printed. The WEIGHTING will be reflected in FINAL AVERAGES and FINAL GPA AVERAGE.


Students are to make their course selections after consultation with their counselor, teachers and parents. AFTER THE COURSE REQUEST AND VERIFICATION PROCESSES ARE COMPLETED. ALL COURSE SELECTIONS ARE CONSIDERED FINAL.

1. No one will be allowed to change his/her program of study in September unless there has been a change of status during the summer as the result of summer school or a change in educational or career plans.

2. During the course of the year, the following types of changes may be made:
a. changing from a more difficult subject level to a less difficult level with the recommendation of the teacher.
b. changing from a less difficult subject level to a more difficult level with the recommendation of the teacher.

3. In a situation where a student is experiencing difficulty with a subject and that difficulty can not be resolved by #2 above, the student may drop the subject provided:
a. the student has been making a reasonable effort to succeed.
b. the student has the recommendation of the teacher to drop the subject.
c. the student has the approval of his/her guidance counselor.
d. the student has parental approval.
e. the change is made before the first 5 weeks of school.* (*If this drop is made after 5 weeks of school have been completed, the drop may be recorded as a "WF" on the student's permanent record.)

4. Requests for specific teachers cannot be honored.
NOTE: All changes must have the approval of the Administration in consultation with the parties involved. Also there must be evidence that the student has MADE REASONABLE EFFORT TO SUCCEED IN THE SUBJECT.


Principal's List:  for students averaging 95% and above.
High Honor List:  for students averaging 90% to 94% inclusive.
Honor List:  for students averaging 85% - 89% inclusive

In order to be eligible for the Principal's List, Honor Roll, or consideration for the National Honor Society, a student mayhave no failing grades on his/her report card.

Seniors will not be eligible to be named Valedictorian or Salutatorian of their graduating class unless they are carrying at least 6 units of high school/college academic credit.