MVCC College Connection, Utica College Bridge Program, And Colgate Seminar

Arrangements can sometimes be made for students to access college courses at local colleges. Currently, both Utica College and Mohawk Valley Community College offer Notre Dame students this opportunity.  Be aware that no students will be allowed to take a course that is considered a graduation requirement (ie: senior English). Utica College offers seniors, who meet the admission criteria, the ability to take a course for a $100.00 fee.  MVCC's College Connection Program gives juniors and seniors a chance to take courses at the campus upon taking the entrance exam and paying a relatively small fee.  The availability of such programs varies from year to year and is permitted as time and schedule allow. Grades and credits received in these courses will be shown on the student's transcript, but they are not reflected in the student's cumulative average.


Students can take the following courses for college credit at Notre Dame:

Spanish and French 4 and 5 both  (6 MVCC credits)
MVCC Government
MVCC English 12 (6 MVCC credits)
Film Study
MVCC Statistics
MVCC Algebra/Trig
Personal Finance (1 credit, Utica College)

The Colgate Seminar Program is also available to seniors and juniors. Colgate Seminar offers high school students the opportunity to experience college-level courses in an after school enrichment program.

Information regarding these programs is available through the Guidance Department.