Brightspace by D2L

Notre Dame School's official Learning Management System, LMS for short, is Brightspace by D2L. An LMS is an application that provides a framework to handle all aspects of the learning process from housing instructional content, activities, assignments, assessments, grading, etc. Brightspace also includes a Parent Portal in order to allow authorized parents and guardians to log in to a school's Brightspace Learning Environment to see what their children are working on, what’s on the schedule, and the latest news from the classroom. This helps parents and guardians engage with their learners and maintain awareness of their upcoming work.

Brightspace may be used in different capacities across grade levels and content areas at Notre Dame Schools. While some teachers may choose to more fully utilize the LMS, others may use just a couple of the more basic tools available to help facilitate their classroom content and instruction. In general, Brightspace is meant to be used to house resources, learning activities, grading and provide quality feedback on specific assignments for all students. 

Please find the information below as a guide for accessing Brightspace for Parents and to learn more about this parent access to our LMS.

Access Brightspace at



Download the Brightspace for Parents Mobile App


Monitoring Work and Assignments for Parents Keep Up to Date with Class Happenings