Elementary Academics

Notre Dame Elementary

Notre Dame Elementary Mission Statement

Founded in 2009 and inspired by more than a century of Catholic education in the Greater Utica area, Notre Dame Elementary School is committed to Catholic values, educational excellence, and community service. 

Welcoming families of all faiths, Notre Dame Elementary seeks to create a safe and nurturing environment in which our students are challenged and encouraged to follow the example of Jesus Christ, achieve academic success, and reach their God given potential. 

Dedicated to Our Lady, who brought the child Christ to the world, Notre Dame Elementary supports the ministry, our local parishes and the universal Church by teaching Catholic values, encouraging virtue, and forming students in faith for service to community and Church.  


Who We Are

Notre Dame Elementary includes Universal Pre-K, Montessori School, and Kindergarten through fifth grade. 

Small class sizes offer a structured, disciplined, and rigorous academic curriculum based on New York State Core Standards and the Interdiocesan goals. Notre Dame's iReady program provides a personalized pathway to learning for K-5 leading to solid writing skills and a strong mathematical foundation. A technology-driven course of study; all students K-5 possess a Chromebook or iPad, which are used daily in all classes. 

Notre Dame's faith-based approach to education inspires students to learn and live from a moral perspective, providing them with an ethically moral foundation for life. Our teachers are experienced in their areas of instruction and have a desire to ensure that all students become lifelong learners.