Dress Code

Notre Dame student's attire reflects upon the student and our school.  Students should take pride in their appearance.  Compliance with the dress code is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent.

All clothing must be clean, press, and modestly styled, in good condition and properly fitted.  The uniform is to be worn every day unless an individual or the entire student body has been excused from the dress code.  In addition, the uniform must be worn whenever the student is on school grounds and/or representing Notre Dame at an officially approved event.

Links for Jr/Sr High School Uniform

Land's End: Preferred School Number: 900193319


All students are to be in authorized Notre Dame Physical Fitness attire when attending and participating in Physical Education classes.  This includes prescribed Notre Dame Physical Fitness T-shirt, prescribed Notre Dame Physical Fitness shorts, socks, and sneakers.  The wearing of team-specific t-shirts or shorts is not permitted.

Prescribed Notre Dame Physical Fitness attire (T-shirts and shorts) can be ordered on-line via the following link: 


Uniform requirements for Grade K-5 can be found under Programs - Elementary School